The camera is my tool. Through it I give a reason to everything around me
-Andre Kertesz

I am a photographer based in the Niagara region and love 
what I do. I have been interested in the art of photography from a very 
young age, starting with my father's super 8 mm movies and since then
it has been a great learning experience! 

Client List 

Town of Fort Erie, Sherkston Shores, Rise Against Bullying, The Algonquin Camera Club, Garrison Little Theatre, Blue Heron Trailer Park, Sessions on The River, The Sanctuary Centre for the Arts, The Ridgeway Vagina Monologues, Sexy Bikini Lady. Blythewood Manor, Author Wayne Mallows, Author Jen McKenzie Pellegrini, Author and Collector Steve Santini, Artist Curtis Doherty, Artists and Creators Tom Francirek & Andre Oliviera, 

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